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We’re intrepid travellers based out of Bangalore. The first time we met, Vivek was busy eating chicken biryani at the office cafeteria and I was busy watching everyone around me. Not much has changed since then – till date, Vivek is the one finding the next foodie delicacy and bizarre species, while I’m people watching (and chronicling our attempts) on the side. We got married in 2014 and since then, our travels have taken us through most of South East Asia, the US, UK, Australia, Tanzania and Luxembourg.

I’ve always been a traveller, thanks to a wandering gene inherited from my father who chose to drag the entire family to see Angkor Wat in 1997 notwithstanding the fact that there was a coup in the country! Vivek, on the other hand, had never travelled outside of India until I convinced him to travel to the Maldives on our honeymoon. But he’s an explorer of a different kind – a foodie who does not shy away from eating any species, no matter how bizarre. Some time in 2014, he began making a chart cataloging all the species he’d eaten till then. It was already at a few dozen species. The chart made me realize that I could marry my love of travel with his love of food. Since then, our travels have centered on finding new species. We’ve been to local markets, food streets, little alleyways and more to find bizarre foods like balut, shirako, and more. As the chart became bigger, I often joked that Vivek should write a book about it. Eventually, in 2017, I decided to write the book myself. And that’s how ‘Dare Eat That’ came about. If you’re a traveller, a foodie, or an adventurer – this site is for you. Whether you’re looking for the top bizarre foods Vivek’s tried, or the best food markets in the world, or just itineraries this site has it all.

Dare Eat That, published by Penguin, can be found on Amazon.

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How we Travel

We’re not backpackers. We love staying in experiential accommodations (think homestays and boutique hotels), or rely on the generosity of our friends who live in the cities we visit. Vivek has a broad idea of the species he plans to try in every country, but refines it by speaking with locals. We don't always know what we will find – we’ve often travelled for hours only to discover that the delicacy we’re looking for is no longer being sold, or that the restaurant has shut down. We also stumble upon things by accident, like the time we discovered ant eggs in Khlong Tooei market in Bangkok. Our itineraries are a mix of food adventures and seeing the local sights. We’re always looking for suggestions for the next place to visit, or the next species to try – if you have either, send them to us!

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